Moscato d’Asti

VarietyMoscato 100%
Location of vineyardsCastiglione Tinella
Soilclay and limestone
Harvestearly september
Format75 cl.
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wine specificationsVinification

The grapes, freshly picked, arrive whole in the cellar and are quickly crushed and de-stemmed gently to extract from the skins and outer area of the berry only the most valuable and aromatic parts.

The pulp is chilled immediately until the next partial fermentation in pressurised tanks, so that the carbon dioxide, which gives it a lively bead, remains dissolved in the wine. The fermentation is then stopped by cooling, so that there remains approximately 140 grams of sugar per litre.

wine specificationsSensory Profile

The bead is fine but ample.The colour is straw-yellow with golden highlights. The aroma is intense, rich in aromatic scents in particular orange blossom, peach and apricot perfectly balanced with the low alcohol and acidity which is never very high and gives the wine a pleasant freshness.

It is a sweet and aromatic wine that goes well with all after-meal delicacies and in particular, the classic hazelnut nougat. It is an ideal companion for celebrating and can be a refreshing drink for any time of the day.

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