A family history

familyA family, its wine and the passion to produce it.

One family, its wine and the enthusiasm to produce it. The story of the Bric Castelvej winery is a family story, a simple story made up of values and people who believe in what they do, people who put their soul and passion into every bottle of wine they make. It all started long ago in 1956 when Domenico Gallino, the ingenious and visionary founder, began to vinify and produce superior quality wines.

This commitment and passion has been passed down through the generations and still lives on today, finding continuity in son Mario, who together with his son Cristiano, a brilliant winemaker, takes scrupulous, experienced care of every process in the winery, from the meticulous work in the vineyards to the harvest and winemaking, all the way to sales in Italy and in the world.

Domenico GallinoThe magic
of wine
should be appreciated
among friends.

The Bric Castelvej Winery has a glorious past. It was born towards the end of the fifties, from the intuition of a young and ambitious winemaker, Domenico Gallino that combines the virtues of passion, wisdom and foresight.

A project born among the best vineyards of the Roero, initially the production was destined exclusively to retail sale as bulk wine. During the eighties, with the modernization of the company, bottled production of the entire line of wines also started.

The love for the great Piedmontese wines combined with the daily search for perfection are the basic elements of the history of this winery, not to mention the hospitality of the Gallino family, a characteristic that has always distinguished them.

The magic of wine should be appreciated among friends, that’s why hospitality is very important in the cellar.

The story continues ...

A family who today as in the past, with great satisfaction and pride, considers their work a life philosophy, facing each new challenge and new objective with commitment and rationality.

Bric Castelvej, a winery ready to write new pages in its history, in keeping with the tradition of this family from the Roero.