Roero Arneis Bricco Novara Vineyard

Variety Arneis 100%
Location of vineyardsCanale d’Alba
Surface:4.170 m2 / 1 particle
Soilsandy with clayey veins, limestone (60% sand, 15% silt, 25% clay)
PositionSud Est
Altitude340-370 mt.
Harvestmid september
Winemaking Steel and Barrique
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wine specificationsVinification

after a careful evaluation to establish the exact harvest time that reconciles the optimal values of sugars and acids the grapes are harvested manually.
The vinification that follows is very particular, because the concept of maceration between peel and must is applied to this white wine, obtaining an
enrichment regarding the aromas and structure, also guaranteeing an excellent longevity. All the processes, from the grape harvest to maceration, are carried
out at low temperature to avoid extracting too much colouring matter, hence the name cryomaceration.
For subsequent operations the wine is kept for few months in small wooden barrels (barriques) then it is transferred to steel tanks until bottled.

wine specificationsSensory Profile

the aroma is very intense and persistent, with hints of apricot and apple with final notes of chamomile. The flavour is savoury, well structured and harmonious, coming with slight notes of wood released from wooden barrels.

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