Langhe Chardonnay

VitignoChardonnay 100%
Posizione vignetiCanale d’Alba
Terrenoloose sandy soil
Vendemmiathe end of august-september
Formato75 cl.
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wine specificationsVinification

After careful evaluation to determine the opportune time to harvest, which facilitates optimal sugar-levels and acidity, the grapes are harvested by hand.The vinification that follows is quite unique because it applies the concept of maceration of the skins and pulp even for a white wine.

In this way, we obtain a wine rich in aromas and structure, with the guaranteed of excellent longevity.

All processing from the grape harvest to maceration takes place in the cold in order to avoid extracting too much colour, which is known as crio-maceration. Subsequently, the wine is kept exclusively in stainless steel tanks.

wine specificationsSensory Profile

The aroma is captivating, yet delicate, a white wine with excellent structure. It goes well with any meal including the main course.

We recommend early drinking even though it can be safely aged for some time.

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